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Holocaust Cantata: Songs from the Camps

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Music by Donald McCullough
Lyrics by Denny Clark
Master Chorale Of Washington

Release Date: 11/23/1999
Label: Albany Records Catalog #: 352
Composers: Donald McCullough, Szymon Laks, Michael Horvit
Performers: Robert Lamar Sims, Miriam Bolkosky
Conductor: Donald McCullough
Ensemble: Master Chorale of Washington Chamber Singers
CD Length: 1 hour 8 mins. (Note: Holocaust Cantata is comprised of tracks 1-13 and is approximately 40 minutes. Tracks 14-20 are separate compositions and not part of the cantata, however, Track 20, “We Remember Them,” is customarily performed after the cantata.

Track Listing
    1. Holocaust Cantata: The Prisoner Rises
    2. Holocaust Cantata: Singing Saved My Life
    3. Holocaust Cantata: Song of the Polish Prisoners
    4. Holocaust Cantata: The Execution of the Twelve
    5. Holocaust Cantata: In Buchenwald
    6. Holocaust Cantata: A State of Separation
    7. Holocaust Cantata: The Train
    8. Holocaust Cantata: Singing from Birth to Death
    9. Holocaust Cantata: The Striped Ones
    10. Holocaust Cantata: There’s No Life Like Life at Auschwitz
    11. Holocaust Cantata: Tempo di Tango
    12. Holocaust Cantata: Letter to Mom
    13. Holocaust Cantata: Song of Days Now gone
    14. Passacaille for Cello and Piano – by Szymon Laks
    15. Even When God is Silent – by Michael Horvit
    16. Child’s Journey: An Accidental Meeting – by Michael Horvit
    17. Child’s Journey: I once Had A Friend – by Michael Horvit
    18. Child’s Journey: There Are No Stars In the Sky – by Michael Horvit
    19. Is Not A Flower A Mystery? – by Donald McCullough
    20. We Remember Them – by Donald McCullough

For more information about Holocaust Cantata and to purchase this CD, please go to the score page.

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